Source -- the source of origin, source and life, as well as the source of products
Sea -- the cradle of life and the gathering place of biological essence


FACIAL SKIN Blooming skin vitality

Factor extraction Essence Naturally Pureness

Bird's nest contains rich viscous glycoprotein components, among which glycosaminoglycans are one of the important components of human bones and skin, which can increase skin smoothness, keep skin plump, full, and elastic. The saliva of the Golden Swallow contains active ingredients that help promote natural skin repair, fade fine lines, and resist aging.

Research achievements Patent Achievements of Bird's Nest Peptide Moisturizing

Yuanhai Bird's Nest Moisturizing&Revitalizing Series is jointly developed by Foshan An'an Beauty&Health Products Co., Ltd., Nanhai Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Foshan Institute of Science and Technology. It scientifically matches the precious bird's nest skin care essence with deep-sea small molecular peptides to develop advanced beauty and skin care products that can effectively improve skin problems such as loose, dull, coarse pores, and increased dry lines.

The Secret of the Deep Sea Sea Bird's Nest, Revitalizing and Revitalizing Skin

Sea, the essence nutrient from the sea, the active essence from the deep-sea animals and plants, and the precious
golden bird's nest skin care essence, create a high-end luxury beauty and skin care products

Authoritative endorsement Long sighted and sincere cooperation

An'an International, the South China Sea Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Foshan University of Science and Technology have jointly developed the new series of products of Yuanhai deep-sea biological peptide firming. Its core technology achievements are small molecular peptides of marine organisms, which can nourish the skin, promote the formation of collagen, fade fine lines and dry lines, and give full play to the beauty effect of deep-sea biological peptides.

Seven major benefits of
deep-sea biological peptides

Moisturizing, moisturizing, brightening the skin, restoring elasticity and smoothness
Firming the skin and reducing fine lines
Firmen the eye area, soften hair, soften and brighten hair texture