Established in 1985

Headquarter Guojin Business Centre inaugurated and opened

ESUN series has been fully upgraded again.

At the Royal State Banquet Hall in London, Mr. Chen Zhihao, President, made a speech at the press conference on the new upgrade of Anjin Pure Olive. 

The company was rated as a leading enterprise in the segmentation industry in Foshan. 

At the La taste brand press conference in France, Mr. Chen Zhihao, President, introduced the research and development achievements of innovative technologies and new products to the guests present in the past two years. 

The scientific research technology patent of "a cosmetics containing marine shellfish active peptide, its preparation method and application" was awarded the "China Patent Excellence Award" and "Guangdong Patent Bonus Award". 

The company won the title of "Outstanding Enterprise in Guangdong Province"

Ms. Wang Ling, Vice Mayor of Foshan, Mr. Yuan Yihua, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and Professor Sun Huili of the Chinese Academy of Sciences came to the company for investigation.

The R&D center obtained the qualification certification of "Guangdong Marine Bio-cosmetics and New Materials Engineering Technology Research Center".

The company celebrates its 30th anniversary

The scientific research team of Academician Zhang Si of the Chinese Academy of Engineering joined the team with significant efforts, and the "Academician Workstation" was officially unveiled.

The "Innovative Technology Research and Development Centre" of the group company was completed and put into operation.

Peianting company Annual Order Meeting

The " A'Gensn " brand shampoo won the title of "Guangdong Famous Brand Product".

A'Gensn trademark was recognized as a famous trademark in Guangdong Province.

President Mr. Chen Zhihao personally went to France and reached a strategic cooperation with the French Research Institute Marie Pratt.

The two Mr. Chen personally went to BASF headquarters in Germany to reach a strategic cooperation with them.

The scientific research and production building of the third phase of the expansion project of Gaoming Industrial Park of the group company had been fully completed, and the employee cultural center had been completed and opened.

The production base of the group company certified ISO9001, ISO22716, United States and European Union GMPC, ISO14001, ISO45001 and other management system certifications.

Launching of Anan luxury series and herbal series products

Gabriel Tanbourgi, chairperson of the Global Care Chemical Supplies Department of the world chemical giant BASF of Germany, visited our company.

The 10,000-square-metre expansion project of the second phase of Gaoming Industrial Park of the group company was completed, and the GMPC cosmetics production workshop with a cleanliness level of 100,000 was officially brought into production.

Company headquarters--Tian'an Business Centre and ERP system were also officially put into operation

Launch of A'Gensn olive oil baby series

It was recognized by high-tech enterprises for the first time. 

Jointly developed with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the " Source Deep Sea Biological Peptide Firming New Series " was launched, filling the vacancy of high-end brands of marine biological skin care in China.

Chen Shineng (right), member of the Standing Committee of the 10th National People's Congress, honorary president of the China Light Industry Federation and honorary chairperson of China Beauty Expo, listened to Chairman Chen Zhigang's introduction of the new product at the 15th Shanghai Beauty Expo. 

Newly launched esun series and cracking cream series

The South China Sea Institute of Oceanology (SCSIO), the Produce -University-Research Base of the Foshan University, and the Marine biological cosmetics industrialization demonstration base Settlement Anan International Signing Ceremony.

A'Gensn olive essence series was officially launched, and the company's marketing was comprehensively transformed from traditional distribution channels to terminal supermarkets.

Peianting brand series products won the title of "Chinese Consumer Satisfaction Brand".

The company's R&D center certified the qualification certification of "Foshan Fine Chemical New Materials Engineering Technology Research and Development Centre"

Launched the Qin Zhi Dao series

Enterprise restructuring and reorganization, building a new leadership team, "Anan International" was ready to move on aggressively.

New Year's sorority

Core meeting of the company's middle and senior leaders

Foshan Mengsha Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd., a direct branch of the group company, was established. 

Peianting won the title of "Women's Favorite and Trustworthy Products Supplies" at the China International Women's Products Expo

Chairman Mr. Chen Zhigang and President Chen Zhihao studied management at the American University of Management Technology and obtained a master's degree in science. 

Anan aloe vera series products were open to the market

Leaders of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and reporters visited the factory

Peianting Products Industrial Co., Ltd., a direct branch of the group company, was established.

The "rotary line disinfection cream filling production line" won the second prize of Huanshi Town Scientific and Technological Progress Award

Russian business delegations visited the factory and had negotiation in business

Mr.Ou Guangyuan, the Governor of Guangdong Province, Mr. Zhen Canqiu, the member of the Standing Committee of Foshan Municipal Party Committee, and other leaders gathered with Anan employees for birthday anniversary . 

Mr. Han Ying, the Deputy Secretary of Foshan Municipal Party Committee and Director of the National People's Congress, visited the factory and wrote an inscription happily. 

The president of NIHON KOLMAR Co., Ltd. came to the company to negotiate cooperation intentions. 

The president of the Paris Fragrance Association of France visited the company

The modern production centre with an investment of nearly 30 million CNY and an area of 13,000 square meters was officially put into operation. 

Anan Commercial Wholesale Centre, covered an area of nearly 10,000 square meters

Wide and bright production workshop

Introduced the 500kg vacuum emulsifier of MIZUHO Industrial Co., LTD of Japan.

Chairman Mr.Chen Zhigang and President Chen Zhihao discussed cooperation projects with Thai IP companies in Thailand

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University delegation visited the company

Anan kids’ series was launched and had a great success in selling all over the country.

Raw material suppliers and equipment manufacturers from all over the world had a good relationship of  exchanges and cooperation with the company. 

Mr. Wang Xian, member of the Academic Department of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, inspected the company and gladly wrote an inscription. 

Chairman Mr. Chen Zhigang and Miss Zheng Mingming, fron  authorised persons were in the international beauty industry, at the 18th Asian Hairstyle Cosmetics Competition

Delegations from the French cosmetics industry visited the company for exchange

Anan won the highest award "Golden Bridge Award" in the national best-selling domestic commodity exhibition and sales event sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce. 

Mr. Ye Xuanping, Vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, made inscription for the company's name.

Mr. Li Baoguo, Deputy Director of the State Administration of Technical Supervision, visited our factory and had a cordial conversation with Chairman Mr. Chen Zhigang and President Mr. Chen Zhihao.

Anan Product series won the "Top Ten Beauty Products" in the 18th Asian Hairstyle and Makeup Competition

The international brand " Max Factor " Japanese Cosmetics Co., Ltd. visited the company to negotiate cooperation projects.

Friends from industry of business, news, science and technology gathered at the Anan Association held at the China Hotel in Guangzhou.

Anan's delegation participated in the "Scientific Expedition of the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon"

Products are on sale on site

Hong Kong-Macao Special Guest Exhibition ordering fair

Mr. Ji Pengfei, member of the Standing Committee of the Central Advisory Committee of the Communist Party of China, inspected the company and wrote an inscription

State leader Mr.Liao Hansheng met Chairman Mr. Chen Zhigang in the Great Hall of the People.

At the "All-100 Meetings" in Nanchang, Mr.Wen Jie, Secretary-General of the China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries, visited Anan Exhibition Area

Hot-selling products

President Mr. Chen Zhihao exchanged skin care and beauty experience with consumers through live radio.

Anan cared about society ,extended our regards to elderly persons of no family

Anan Beauty Boutique Collection launched, and the president of the Provincial Daily Chemical Association and the leaders of the township government came to celebrate the ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

Anan Beauty Salon

The press conference on " Anan flower essence Products" was held in the Great Hall of the People

Mr. Lu Ruihua, Executive Vice Governor of Guangdong Province, kindly came to discuss and showed his support .

Fei Xiaotong, Lei Jieqiong and other national leaders and experts met cordially with Chairman Mr. Chen Zhigang.

The Anan Meisi series was successfully launched. And the company was rated as a provincial advanced enterprise in the same year.

Chairman Mr. Chen Zhigang joined the Asia-Pacific Expo in Pakistan.

Overseas delegations and township governments inspected the company.

Become the first member of the International Medical Aesthetic Association (Hong Kong) in China officially. And participated in industry seminars. 

Joined disaster relief activities in eastern China, actively participated in various donation activities, dedicated to peace and love, and enhanced the company's social influence. 

Anan 's two major facial cleanser series, "pure natural" and "beautiful" have been launched successively, which went viral for quite long. 

Anan made contribution to the society and donated broadly. 

The self-developed "paste semi-automatic production line of cream" was rated as the second prize for scientific and technological progress by the Shiwan District Government. 

Anan ultra-soft nutrition shampoo series.

As with leading position in the industry,we were the first in implementing comprehensive quality management, holding quality consultation meetings and standards validation meetings.

Developed six products, including Anan quick-acting cream for skin crack.

Product lab

The predecessor of the company, Dunhou Household chemical factory was officially established.

Launched the first product - special effects acne lotion


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