Extraordinary and naturally fragrant

Immersed in the beauty of nature and the beauty of art on the left bank, it blends the romantic artistic atmosphere with the fragrant and beautiful flowers and fruits of nature, allowing nature, art, and technology to cross over and rejuvenate.

1964 year,The young and beautiful girl Ritaste Green, full of the pursuit and dream of a better future, left her hometown, Provence, Mena Town, and came to Paris, the capital of fashion and luxury alone. She opened a small spice shop on the left bank of the Seine River. In addition to selling essence and spices made by her family, Ritaste, with her unique vision, also customized personalized perfume specifically for high-end fashion people on the left bank, And I have always insisted on pure manual modulation until today. The product is highly respected and loved, becoming a popular shop visited by many fashion celebrities on the left bank.

1976 year

The Litas Skincare Series has been launched.

1977 year

The first generation of the "Litaste shampoo and shower series" has been successfully launched. In the same year, Mr. Fran ç ois David and his wife Ms. Litaste merged their respective stores and relocated to a new location, focusing on the research and development and sales of their own brand "Litaste".

1979 year

The newly designed Litas registered trademark has been officially put into use. Since the establishment of the "Leicester brand" in 1975, Mr. Fran ç ois David and his wife, Ms. Leicester, have adhered to their ancestral teachings and remained steadfast in France.

2004 year

After taking over the family business, his eldest son Anatole began to turn his attention to countries along the Mediterranean coast, which became the first step for Anatole to implement the "Litesta brand" overseas expansion. After nearly 20 years of overseas market development, the "Litaste brand" currently has good sales in multiple countries and regions such as Europe, America, Oceania, and the Middle East. With the continuous expansion of the international market and the urgent need for technological innovation and development, in 2012, under the leadership of Anatole, the company launched a technical cooperation with the famous French research institution MARIE PRATT Research Institute. In 2016, with comprehensive technical support from MARIE PRATT Research Institute, the latest generation of "Litaste shampoo and shower series" was developed and launched.

2018 year

In January, France's Litaste Cosmetics Co., Ltd. officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangdong An'an Jinchun Trading Co., Ltd., fully authorizing Guangdong An'an Jinchun Trading Co., Ltd. to market and promote "Litaste shampoo and shower series products" in the Chinese region. In June, the latest generation of "Ritaste shampoo and bath series", "leave fragrance like perfume", officially landed in the Chinese market.

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